The Morbid Anatomy Museum is now Closed

We are writing to inform you that the Morbid Anatomy Museum has ceased operations. We are grateful for the time we have spent building a community of people dedicated to the celebration of artifacts, histories and ideas that fall between the cracks of high and low culture, and we look forward to seeing how all of our many friends and collaborators will continue to explore their interests now that the Museum has closed.

Over the past two years, we have worked hard to create a museum unlike any other, and to support a community that values our distinctive exhibitions, lecture series, and workshops. We’re proud of the award winning and critically acclaimed work we have done, and we are striving to keep the Morbid Anatomy Museum affordable and accessible to our passionate community and the general public. Good press doesn’t pay the rent, however. Our institution was made possible by an incredible investment from our founder and a dedicated group of early supporters, but we were unable to develop both the broad support from our audience and from grants, gifts, and other sponsorship that is necessary for sustainability.

Thank you again, to our many friends, collaborators, and stakeholders. We don’t yet know what comes next, but we’ll look forward to seeing you on the other side of this.